Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Cloth

  My Mom would tell you that she is not "crafty", but she can't hide from it.  She needlepoints, she sews (well, she USED to sew...and she taught ME how to sew!), and she has a great eye for decorating.  You should see the Christmas pillows she made this year!  So, back when she was newly married to my Dad, she cut out some pictures from a coloring book and traced them onto felt and then covered them with sequins.  She never really new what to do with them but I remember getting the felts out at Christmas every year and loving them.  Last year, she made them into a Christmas Cloth for me.  She needlepointed "ornaments" for the whole family, then put the sequins felts and the ornaments on this beautiful cloth.  The whole thing is gorgeous and so special to me!  It is the perfect size for my dining room table!
The cloth is satin and trimmed with gold tassles.
See how the Angel, the reindeer and the tree are all sequins?  Isn't it great?!?! 
She made the ornaments from needlepoint and used a metallic thread so the whole thing really sparkles at night with a soft light on it.
See how she added the sailfish ornament for Bill?  Love it!  The little gift box is for me.
I hate to put it away!
No... she's not crafty! :)  Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Re-cap

We're back from a fabulous Christmas trip to Disney with my Mom, all of my sister's and their families.
Because of the cost of all of the parks, we decided to do an "H and H" Christmas.  Handmade or Hand-me-down!  Would have been right up my alley if I hadn't so over-extended myself with orders before we left!  We gave the whole group matching red hoodies and I was able to pump out some matching Christmas boxers for the girls the night before we left.
Disney parks were sooo crowded, the red shirts ended up being great!  We stood out like sore thumbs!  
It was a great trip and it went way too fast!!!  So, yesterday I took down all of the Christmas decorations and I thought I'd show you the trees I had made.  Sorry about cutting the tops off in the pic!  The green is made from satin petals that I singed.  I have some great ideas to do more next many possibilities! 
Fun project to do while watching football!  I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!  I am going to make a real effort to write on here more this year.  It's tough to write when nobody knows about it...conversations with myself I guess!  I should start leaving comments to myself..."wow!  Those trees are awesome!!!  You rock!"  LOL!!!  Maybe I'll try to get someone else to read TABBO this year!  Happy New Year to me!!