Friday, March 18, 2011

Trunk Show photo shoot!

The sun finally cooperated and peeked out this week so I took a couple of quick shots of some skirts and then got Bradlee to model the new top design.  I'm hoping to get all three girls out after school to take some more, but I thought I'd go ahead and post some of these shots today.  She started out great but quickly transformed into her usual silly eight-yr. old self....

She REALLY wanted an action shot!

This girl is ALWAYS  happy!!!  Love, love, love!!  And how about that new top?!?!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Honey Child Love!

 I drove to Waynesville, OH last week to pick up Sis Boom's new fabric line, Honey Child at the Fabric Shack.(whom I really can't say enough good things about!).   It's just plain gorgeous and screams Spring!  Wait till you see the skirts and sundresses I'm doing!   Waynesville is a beautiful little town full of antique shops and has a wonderful restaurant/store called Cobblestone Village.  HIGHLY recommend you eat there if you ever get to Southern Ohio...amazing food and wonderful service!

I'm working hard on inventory for my first sale and I'm trying to add a couple of bigger ticket, unique items to add a little fun.  I  picked up this little vintage stool in one of the tiny shops...

 I didn't get a very good before pic, but you get the idea.
Then I took it apart and gave it a little Tabbo touch with some help from my new Honey Child...

 Originally, I was going to paint it white, but I like the black better.
 TA DA!!  It's really small, and it SPINS!  Cuteness??!?!