Friday, October 8, 2010

Flannel pajammies

So, I've been pretty productive since my last post.  I hired my first "employee".  A lovely lady from my church named Jody.  She is a professional seamstress as well as an educator.  Jody is retiring from Cinci Public in January and looking for something to supplement her income...a perfect match for Tabbo!  Jody will start next week!  I also had a great meeting with a tshirt wholesale company here in Cincinnati.  They manufacture an incredibly soft tshirt that will be perfect for our pj orders.  So exciting!!

Speaking of pj are a couple I finished up last night...

 And wait til you see the new batch of flannels I ordered last week...super soft and super cute!!!  I'm working on the website now and hoping to get a photographer out next week to take some professional shots of what we're offering.  I hope you like!!!  Have a great weekend!
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  1. Awesome site Stephanie. Good luck. Love the jammies! DeAnn

  2. Your jammies are too cute!

  3. So STINKING cute! When are we going to get some of those in Texas?
    Kendall & Cody & friends would LOVE them!!