Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tabbo in Key West!

  Tabbo skirts and sundresses spotted at the World Sailfish Championship in Key West last week!   At this age, it's not always easy to agree on what to wear, but skirts on vacation are perfect.  The girls like to wear them, and I'm happy because they look cute and don't say "Abercrombie"!

Bradlee, modeling the Tabbo Tie Dress.  I sold these at the Trunk Show.  They're great because you can swap out the tie and the sash with different colors for different looks.  Or, it makes a great cover-up without the sash.  Not to pat myself in the back, but I think this dress is so cute!  Maybe it's the model!  Here's my cute Tabbo for him!  Now we're off to Hilton Head for Spring Break!  We'll be looking for more Tabbo sightings! 

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