Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teacher's Pet

My son has the most amazing teacher this year for second grade!  Her name is Mrs. Kapp and she taught one of my daughters as well.  This week she is in Washington D.C. with my oldest daughter as a chaperone for the eighth grade field trip.  I thought I'd share a little project that I made for her this Winter.  She likes to read to the children from her director's chair.  I thought it needed a little pizazz so I spruced it up for her!  

Mrs. Kapp is one of the happiest people I know!  She collects smiley faces, so I added this one to the back of the chair to make her smile!
I think it turned out cute, and she was thrilled!  I love knowing that Bo is with this special woman every day at school.  And I love that she is with my daughter in DC right now!  Our family has been extremely blessed to know Mrs. Kapp!  Have you thanked your favorite teacher lately?