Monday, November 4, 2013

I'll be honest, I usually have a stack of projects going all at the same time.  Rarely do I post them on the blog.  Mostly because I forget to take pictures before I get started!  So I went through some pics and found a few that I could share.
We'll start with the ottoman Re-Do...I'll have more on this later but basically I have 2 of these ottomans sitting behind my couch that are rarely used.  The girls room needed some seating, so I added casters to the bottom of this, recovered it, and added a handle to make it easier to move around the room.  I took pictures through the process and hope to post a tutorial soon.

 This is a little chair I picked up at an antique store.  I just recovered the seat and touched-up the paint.  I used Sis Boom Honey Child fabric.
 I bought this metal flower a while ago and knew I could transform it for my oldest daughter's room.  It took some time but I love the way it turned out.  I cut pink organza into a squares.  Each square is about 1 1/2 in x 1 1/2 in..  Then I squeezed the little square in the middle to make it a flower and glued it to the metal flower (hot glue gun).  Now it's a great 3 dimensional piece of art that is almost "furry"!  It's one of my favorites!
 Here is a pic of the girls bathroom re-do.  I wanted to keep the yellow walls but there just wasn't enough storage for two tween girls.  I found the cabinet at Loews and painted the little baskets to bring in some pink.  I made the shower curtain out of Riley Blake chevron with Sis Boom Poodle ties and yellow piping.  I'm looking for a mirror to replace the existing one over the sink.
 And here is the bench in our kitchen.  It was a really ugly, brown upholstered bench and I covered it with this amazing Kravet fabric.  By far, the most beautiful upholstery fabric I've seen.  I love it!

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