Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Pictures!

I love decorating for Christmas and I try to change things up every year.  Probably my favorite part of our house is this nook that seems to have been designed specifically for a Christmas tree!  I wish I could send a Thank You to whoever created it!
We put the biggest tree we can find in there and then put a smaller, artificial one in the piano room.
Upstairs, we have a tiny artificial tree for the can see all 3 from the balcony!
This little tree holds years of handmade ornaments from the kids and all red and white lights.  The kids love to put this together each year!  This is Bo, trying to add a "star" to the top!

I also finished Austin's "Skater" skirt this weekend!  This is my new favorite skirt!  No pattern, just need measurements.

Taylor offered to model a scarf ...
 This is why Taylor doesn't model for me!

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