Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Studio Space

Years ago I made a playroom in an area of our basement that wasn't finished.  A friend and I literally built the walls and the "stage" ourselves.  We had just re-decorated our dining room, so we used the old chandelier and  mirror to dress it up and then made satin curtains for the stage.  The girls loved playing dress-up down there, and even little Bo got into the "Tabbo Band"!

 It was perfect for a playroom because the doors could be closed and no one had to see the mess!
  Unfortunately for me, these guys all grew up!!  So the room became a storage room again with big plans by the husband to become a "theater room" or a workout room...until I decided to take it over once again a couple of weeks ago!  Now look what's behind these doors...
 A new studio for Tabbo Design!!!
As much as I liked the brightness, I took down the satin curtains and got rid of the stage...sniff, sniff!  Such great memories with that stage!  Once I got that out, I covered the entire room with square flooring pieces. I was able to save a large piece of Corian from our old kitchen counter to use as a cutting table.  I took one of the cabinets from my old sewing room and made it into the base of the island/cutting table.  I also painted some cubbies that fit up against the backside of the cabinet to give more storage space.  The Corian is the perfect surface for a cutting table because it cleans up so well and is practically indestructable!

I spent hours and hours going through bins of fabric and unfinished projects.  The clear bins are from Lowes and are the perfect size.  I can easily see all of my Sis Boom fabrics.
  And I love that I have room for the desk too.  Now I just need a new computer to sit on top of it!
I hung a giant peg board for threads, scissors, and tools.  The work bench is from Lowes and is perfect for me because I am tall and it sits at counter height.  I keep the IKEA wire drawers next to my machines for current projects.

  The white bins on the second set of shelves is for non-Sis Boom fabrics, linings, interfacing, etc.. I realized that I have quite a bit of trim that I don't use.  I thought if I could see what I have, I might be more likely to use it, so I created this space in the corner.  I've had the kids toy bin holder forever and the bins are the perfect size for things like elastic, and packaged trims.  Since I was painting everything, I went ahead a painted the bins black too!

I used foam board to create little cards to wrap the trim onto and then hung them with wire hangers and clips from IKEA.  I love that I can see it all now!
 I'm very excited to finally have a space to work in that I love! And now I can be with the kids when they are downstairs and I can shut the doors when it starts to look messy!

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