Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby gifts

Okay, blogging takes a lot more time than I thought it would. I need to get the picture upload to go faster. This was yesterday's post but somehow didn't publish. Warning...lots of pics!! I finally finished the baby gift orders this morning that should have been completed last week. The computer problem interfered with the monogramming software so it all had to be re-loaded. I'm happy with how they all turned out, though.These are my exclusive wipe and diaper clutches. Everybody's "go to" gift for new Mom's. I've been selling these for a couple of years now and have done pretty well with them. I love the Valori Wells fabric on this one for Carter. Embroidering the names on them just sets them apart from the usual holders. I use fusible fleece for the facing and an elastic strap for the closure. This way the clutch can expand as your diaper size grows. This is from Lila Tueller's Santorini fabric line. And the last is Tina Givens (I adore her fabrics!) I also like that they can be used after the diaper stage. I keep one in my glove box for emergency items...like extra sunglasses, tampons, lipstick...you know, emergency stuff! The next set I did for one of our old babysitters who is now a Mom herself! Hard to believe! I had this great hot pink tulle with threads through it that matched some pink satin in my stash. I made it into an overlay skirt with a big bow on the back. I found a long sleeve onesie with a ruffle collar and cuffs but it had "Guess" embroidered on it in gold letters. Fixed that with a pretty satin and tulle ruffled flower right over the top of it! That's the back of the skirt. I wanted to do a sash from the satin with a big bow but didn't have enough, so I used the tulle. It's kind of hard to see. This gift is coming from three people, so she is getting the outfit, the bag and the diaper clutch. The bag has lots of pockets inside (don't worry, I'll fix that lining!) Pink and brown is probably my favorite combination. Now I'm back to work on another custom jeans order...hopefully have pics tomorrow!

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