Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainy Friday

Jeans order complete! These were tough because usually when a client brings their jeans, they are plain jeans. This client brought these Gap jeans...Cute, but hard to match with a fabric. I wanted to pull the orange and the blue, but there is also gold thread in there that is hard to see in this picture. She wanted her initial, so this is what I did... It's hard to see but I used gold embroidery thread over the stems of the light blue flowers to tie in to the gold on the back pockets. She also needed these jeans to be a little longer, so I added this cuff and covered the back pockets.Luckily, they fit my girls and I was able to convince them to put them on for a pic... Of course, they wanted to keep them even though neither name starts with an "H"... I got this pretty package in the mail and I'm playing around with them today. A hundred things I should be working on besides belts, trust me. But they're so cute!

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