Thursday, June 21, 2012

More is More

It's my turn for the Happy Home blog tour!  Happy Home is the latest book from Jennifer Paganelli and it is full of beautiful, easy to create, wonderful projects for the home.  I am honored to be among the group of bloggers showcasing these projects! The whole blog tour has been fun to follow and I'm so impressed with the talent of all of these women!  Click on the Happy Home button on the right to see the whole blog tour.  Or visit

I decided to approach my project a little differently. I really wanted to show how you can look at this book and make the projects your own. I think that is really what Jennifer Paganelli wants you to do with Happy Home. Be inspired! The projects in this book are gorgeous and have clear, direct, instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Try them and you will love the results. Then, go back and look at the book as a starting point for your own creative voice. In the introduction of the book, Jennifer says, " ...let your creativity flow." "..."take risks...", "...have fun with these projects..." ! Take that advice and think outside the box. Use this book to inspire you. Try new things.  Challenge yourself!

Let me just tell you that I have a basic rule of thumb when I use my Sis Boom fabric...if I can't decide what to use, I just use them all!   There is no such thing as "less is more" with Tabbo.  So, when I couldn't decide on a project, I just used as many as I could,  all together! More is more!
I started with the Posh Party Tablecloth (pg.116) as my basic project.

This tablecloth is gorgeous and as I read through the instructions, I immediately saw the possibilities for so many variations in the design! Since Shannon already demonstrated how to add a ruffle,  I decided to make my tablecloth with the "Box Pleat Bed Skirt" project (pg. 150) instead of the ruffle.  The box pleat creates a very tailored look that I thought would be perfect for a tablecloth.  Then, for contrast, I decided to use the cording  instructions for the Darcy Duvet project (pg.160).  Already my Posh Party tablecloth was developing into my own Tabbo design! All I needed was the perfect fabric. I have a very extensive stash of Sis Boom fabric, but this project seemed to call for something more. Something special. So I drove up to Waynesville, OH to my favorite fabric store to be inspired.  I had so much fun at the Fabric Shack planning out the design and putting it all together.  I wish I had gotten the name of the woman who helped me because we really had fun!  The staff at the Fabric Shack is always so wonderful...they make the drive worth it!  Check out their online store one could possibly have a larger selection than this store!  After much deliberation, we decided on the Sis Boom laminates.  I have not worked with laminates before, but I wanted a challenge and I knew this would make the perfect Summer picnic tablecloth. 

                                             ...and I was right!  It turned out beautiful!
Happy Home has great instructions for making box pleats.  A large scale print looks really great with these!

I love the laminates!  I was really surprised at how easy they are to work with.

This book is full of fun, unique projects!  Try something new!  Think outside the box and be inspired by Happy Home! Thanks to Jennifer Paganelli for once again creating something so beautiful to inspire us!


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  1. Really Incredible!!! Beautiful and it has that Wow factor totally!!!A+

  2. That came out awesome! What a beautiful tablecloth you now have! :)

  3. This is so pretty! I can see something like this getting used a ton! Glad the schedule worked out so we could all see your work!

  4. Wow absolutely fabulous! Look at those great pleats and pretty piping....not to mention the great colors! Awesome!!! (The setting isn't half bad either ;) )

  5. Great project! I love that you let your inspiration take over.