Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hilton Head

I'm really excited to be a part of the Happy Home blog tour!  Those of you who follow me, or should I say, both of you, :) know that I am a HUGE Sis Boom fan and Jennifer Paganelli is my all-time favorite designer.  So, I am honored to participate in promoting this book.  It is GORGEOUS, just like everything else she does!
I realized that when I put up the Happy Home post, other people will actually see the TabboDesign blog...which I have completely deserted these last few months!  I'm sure if people followed me they would be seriously disappointed in my lack of posts. (LOL!).  But, I'm thinking that maybe if I put some more posts up before the Happy Home post, the visitors will think I actually blog a lot!  And, who knows, maybe I'll start posting more often if people actually know I'm here! we go!  Welcome to TabboDesign, the blog!  I just returned from a week in Hilton Head with our BFF family.  I made them some matching outfits before we left and we tried to get some cute shots of them on the beach.  This adorable little boy is Mitchell...who didn't really want his picture taken!

Or maybe just didn't want to wear the Tabbo Tie!

Mary, Mary!  Who DOES like to have her picture taken!
Beautiful Tabbo girl, Lily...she's a natural!

And Anna, with her gorgeous hair!!!  (Do you see Bo fishing in the background?)
So sweet!
We finally got a smile from Mitchell, when...Bo caught a shark!! 


                                            Which meant the "photo shoot" was over!
 Sharks are way more interesting than pictures!  I don't care how cute you look!
  But it was fun while it lasted and the Ganim family looked awesome!
Aren't they beautiful?!?!

 I'll try to come back tomorrow!  Happy Father's Day!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous kids and clothes! Love it!!!!

  2. So excited by the amazing upbeat beautiful photos!! You guys have a great time in your photoshoots.