Monday, October 7, 2013


I am often asked to donate Tabbo items to charity events.  In fact, I was getting asked so often that I had to start limiting how many events I could participate in.  The one event that I ALWAYS work with is the Mayfield Classic Golf Outing.  This event benefits Impact Autism, which is an organization started by friends of ours here in Cincinnati who are raising triplets with Autism.  That's right, triplets.  All three diagnosed with this horrible disease.  One of my closest friends is also raising a teenaged boy with Autism, so I have always felt a closeness to this cause.  It is such a tragic illness effecting far too many children today.

This year I donated a giant dog bed and matching dog collar.  My first attempt at a dog collar.  I think I need to do a couple more to get them right but it turned out really cute.  I hope they get alot of bids on it!

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