Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas crafts

I love that my kids are creative and old enough now to make their own crafts with me. We started doing Christmas crafts last year and I plan to make it a tradition, like decorating Christmas cookies! Last year we made "trees" from styrofoam and scraps from my workroom...anything green and red we could find was used. It was a great way to let their individual styles take shape! Also, a test of Mommy's patience and efforts to be "hands off" with crafts! I think they're cute and they were so excited to get them back out this year! This year for our Christmas craft, we made tulle wreaths. I had planned to make one with them, but ended up having to help each girl finish theirs. Next time, definitely use smaller wreaths! All in all, a good project for young girls. This is Austin's...Taylor mixed the red and green tulle...the pictures really don't do it justice. It's beautiful! We decided to keep Bradlee's simple and wrapped the wreath before we made little candy-like flowers. This was a time-consuming project but the end result was really worth it! I hope everyone had a great Holiday season! Happy 2010!

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