Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Pink!

When Bradlee started Kindergarten (about a year and a half ago), we told her that she could move out of Bo's room and in with the girls. We made the older girls room into the guest room and the guest room was to be the new "girls only" room. They all agreed they wanted a bright room that wasn't pink! So, I picked out these fabrics... and we chose this paint color... with one chocolate brown wall... The end result was really great and everyone has been happy with the arrangement. This Fall though, things started getting a little crowded. Three girls can accumulate a lot of stuff! We didn't really use the guest room as much as we thought we might have and the girls were on top of each other. As the oldest, Austin was always a temporary boarder in the room until we felt she was ready for her own room. I wanted them to learn to share and to respect each others things. I feel very strongly that sisters should share a room as children to help learn these lessons. I think that being in this room together for this time has been invaluable in developing their relationships with each other. But it was time for Austin to move in to her own room and let Taylor and Bradlee have their own space. So, this is what Austin got for Christmas... Her own room! More to come...

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