Sunday, January 10, 2010


Before we could start on Austin's room, I wanted to get Taylor and Bradlee finished. I don't have any pictures of the room with three beds, but it was cute! Now, it's even cuter! They each have their own space with a dresser and a desk. It's much easier to keep clean when everything has it's place.
Notice the gray "pillow" on Taylor's bed? That's Boomer.
This is Taylor's end of the room. The guitar fabric covers cork boards on the brown wall.

This is Bradlee's end. I'm not finished with that blue wall yet. I'm thinking some really big blown up pictures in bright frames might be good.

I did the lampshade to match the euro-shams that I made. I went back and forth with the table. I decoupaged it with fabric using JCaroline's technique.
Austin really thought I was giving her a box with miniature furniture for Christmas. I wrapped up some towels, some sheets, hangers, drawer liners, etc. She was so confused! Then she opened a box full of purple fabrics and I told her she could start picking things out for her actual new room! Talk about excited! It's going to be a challenge because the room was just painted green and we're going to have to work with that color. I'll post the progress as we go.

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