Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scarves, scarves, scarves...

I'm on a scarf thing lately. I thought it would be a good way to de-stash. Now I can't stop...

Periwinkle jersey knit is super long. So many options!

I'm not choking, just leaning back a little!

This brown is also a jersey knit that is super soft! It's actually more of a circle scarf or a cowl collar. I'm not crazy about all of the wrapping and unwrapping of a long scarf. This is much easier! I still use a couple of layers so it looks like a scarf but it actually just goes over your head.

Here's one in a cream knit. The ruffle is on both sides so that it shows when folded over.

I took some coral jersey knit that I bought in NYC last year and made it into a long scarf with braided ends.  I love this one...easy,,casual, burst of color.  Great with jeans and  a turtleneck.

This one was made from a Minky charm pack that I picked up in Waynesville. I made it for the girls but my sister wanted it for her God-daughter, so I appliqued a minky "H" on it for her. She was willing to pay, so ... sorry girls!
I know...cute, soft, comfy, what young girl wouldn't want one?  My girls had so much fun playing with these fabric squares!  I wish I would have bought more. 
Thanks for checking in!  (Ha Ha)  Hope you have lots of cute scarves to keep you warm!

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  1. hi! love the texture that those little pieces added to your periwinkle!! are those just little squares you sewed on?? fun, fun, fun!!